“The world needs old ladies – they are the tree of life. Knowledge and wisdom grow as we age. We are all duty bound to release the information acquired during a lifetime. We honor that which we uncover and witness. Our roots hold our trunk while our branches offer us balance. The blossoms that are born of us contain seeds of the future. And, in turn, they become the remedies of the ancient.”
– Gladys T. McGarey, MD, MD (H), “The Mother of Holistic Medicine”


Valerie Christensen is the founder of Shift Into Balance LLC and primary service provider.

Registered Nurse – Licensed in State of Ohio

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP)

Certified Management Effectiveness Coach (CMEC)

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I’ve learned that unless we are actively engaged in our own healing process, we will not heal. Our body knows how to heal itself, and works hard to stay in balance. Unfortunately, we get in its way.

I love being a nurse, using holistic, complementary practices, and locking arms with my clients, to support them in their healing, achieving their goals, and living happier, healthier lives.

I hope you will join us.

Let us help you discover the shifts and practices that will empower you to live your precious life in balance.