The Joy of Presence

Five Principles for Attaining Quiet, Balance, and Presence In Your Life
By Valerie Christensen, RN

Balance is not about fitting more things into your life, trying to balance a load like a Sherpa carrying a household of goods up the steep trails of the Himalayas. No, we’ve gotten so immersed in doing, we’ve forgotten how to be. We’ve lost sight of balance, which is a quality of being in our life. And balance has everything to do with being centered and present.

Discover five principles that can help you learn to be present.

“When you are immersed in doing without being centered, it feels like being away from home. And when you reconnect with being, even for a few minutes, you know it immediately. You feel you are at home no matter where you are and what problems you face.”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

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