“Compassion is a prime high-level strategy for wellness, for its realization brings us further along the path to being more fully human.”
– Dolores Krieger, PhD RN

What is a Therapeutic Touch Session Like?

After greeting you and making you comfortable, we will discuss your concerns, issues, and your goals for healing. We will then set the Intention for the session. The session is done fully clothed, except for your shoes, but I can work with your shoes on if necessary. I use a massage table, but if lying down is an issue, I can do it in a chair.

I will have you sit with your back to me, and ask if touching you is okay, and encourage you to tell me if anything I am doing is uncomfortable for you. I will then Center (quiet) myself and gently put my hands on your shoulders. Then moving my hands a few inches away from your body, will assess, rebalance, and reassess your field. At that point, I will assist you in lying down and will continue the process on the front of your body.

Through my chakras, and especially the chakras in my hands (chakras are energy centers of awareness), I may receive information and understandings about your condition. I may ask you questions to help validate what I am feeling.

If you fall asleep, I will not disturb you, as sleep is a very healing state. I may also use color which I project through my hands. Colors are energy frequencies and they assist in the process. I may touch you physically in appropriate places (unless you have requested not to be touched), especially on your feet to ground your energy.

When I feel the energy flow is restored and there is no more to be done, unless you are asleep, I will ask you if you feel there is anything more you need. If not, I will move away from you to allow you to rest while I make some notes. I will still be Centered and supporting your energy.

When you open your eyes and are ready, we will discuss the session from each other’s prospective.  I may give you suggestions for furthering your health and reaching your goals.  Then we will complete the hour long session.

You may find beneficial changes in your being over the next few days, so it will be helpful to stay in-tune with yourself.

Let us help you discover the shifts and practices that will empower you to live your precious life in balance.